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Ukulele Modern is dedicated to the creation of serious, ambitious, rigorous new music for the ukulele. 

Ukulele Modern will publish 225 pieces (30 small books) of ukulele music over the next 12 months. A free, downloadable, piece of music will be released from each of these collections – the larger collections can be purchased. From October 2021, Ukulele Modern will also be releasing 2 sets of video tutorials every week. The first set of these will cover original pieces, the second set will be ultra-short tutorials covering smaller, pre-existing pieces.


A subscription service is available on Patreon and Buy Me a Coffee (search for Ukulele Modern!) for those who want more. There is no financial exclusion from the main set resources, just the extras. A total of 134 free pieces for ukulele will be published over the course of the next year; 30 original pieces, 52 tutorials, and 52 ultra-short tutorials… so make sure you check out Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and the Ukulele Modern Website!

David John Roche runs Ukulele Modern. He is a Welsh composer based in the UK. He has been teaching for 15 or so years, holds degrees from Cardiff, Oxford, and Cambridge, and is the recipient of over 30 academic and professional awards. His orchestral music has been performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, BBC National Orchestra of Wales, Zhejiang Orchestra, Orion Orchestra, and many others.  

As well as being a professional composer, he is also a professional teacher and sheet music editor. 

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